Does your pet need a dog harness? Depending on the breed it might be a safer option for you than simply using a collar. Harnesses have come into fashion, and quite rightly so, over the past few years as they represent a safer option for certain breeds of dogs. 

A dog harness can be an incredibly useful tool for dogs of all breeds and stages in their lives. Typically, harnesses are great tools for training and are also highly useful for dogs who pull to hard on their leads when out on walks. For excitable dogs, the represent extra safety and security as they give more control and are harder to wriggle out of.

That's not to say that you shouldn't get your dog to wear a dog collar. You should invest in a collar as it is helpful for identification purposes in case your pooch goes missing. Browse our range of harnesses now and find the right fit for your pet. 

EZYDOG Quick Fit Harness - My Pooch and Co.
EZYDOG Quick Fit Harness
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PUPPIA Soft Harness B - My Pooch and Co.
PUPPIA Soft Harness B
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PUPPIA Neon Soft Vest Harness B - My Pooch and Co.
PUPPIA Neon Soft Vest Harness B
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