Dog water bowls are just as essential as finding the right food bowl. When your pooch is thirsty, make sure they are drinking from safe, hardy and non-toxic water bowls.

Ensuring your dog has enough water to drink during the course of the day is essential to keeping your four-legged friend happy and healthy. The right size dog water bowl is crucial to matching their needs and requirements. Too big with too much water and you might find that your pup is taking on too much, leading to unnecessary accidents at home. Not enough and they may run the risk of dehydration.

As with all food and water products, dog water bowls need to be cleaned regularly, otherwise they can play host to all sorts of nasty germs which could lead to a trip to the vet! Stainless steel and ceramaic are always a good choice for maximum cleanliness. 

Browse our range of dog bowls for at home, on the move and water fountains so ensure that your pal stay happy and hydrated where ever you go. 



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