All dog owner love to give their pet dog treats. They can be used as part of training, for good behaviour or for no other reason that just because. Treats are a fun and tasty way to bond with your pet.

Choosing the appropriate treat varieties can help keep our dogs healthy and happy. Making sure you chose the right treats for your dog can be a bit of a challenge with so many varieties on the market. As a general rule of thumb, try to look for vet approved or all-natural varieties and always make sure you read what's on the packet.

Dog treats should never make up more than 10% of their daily diet and should always be used sparingly. Treats are fun and delicious, but that's exactly what they should stay as, treats!

Browse our range of treats now and find the perfect food addition to your pet's daily life.

JR Pure Treat Sticks 50g - My Pooch and Co.
JR Pure Treat Sticks 50g
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PLUTO Chew - My Pooch and Co.
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