Safe and secure dog collars. Ranging from small to large collar sizes, My Pooch & Co. has the widest variety of styles, designs and colours. Guaranteed to handle anything your dog can throw at it, whilst giving them a personalised look. 

Dog collars are a great way to keep track of your dog as it allows for identification tags and licenses to be easily seen, should your dog run away and become lost. Most dogs do not have a problem wearing a collar and will quickly become used to wearing one, even if you change or remove it regularly. When fitting a dog collar, you should make sure there are at least two-fingers' width between your dog's neck and the collar to avoid any breathing restrictions. 

Collars aren't just for ownership and control. They can also provide health benefits through flea collars and other parasitic protection. 

If your dog is new to training or pulls a lot when walking then it may be an idea to look at purchasing a dog harness. These can be used in conjunction with a collar to quickly and safely train your dog without causing them discomfort. 

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THESE 3 DOGS - Soft Recovery Collar - My Pooch and Co.
THESE 3 DOGS - Soft Recovery Collar
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EZYDOG Neo Classic Collar - My Pooch and Co.
EZYDOG Neo Classic Collar
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