Interview: K-9 Police Unit Dubai

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Interview: K-9 Police Unit Dubai

10 Amazing Things We Learned About Dubai’s K-9 Dog Cops

There’s no doubt that the police dogs who work with the K-9 Unit of the Dubai Police are some of the bravest animals in the UAE. They help to solve crimes and safeguard lives, they’re highly trained and well-loved by their handlers. But did you know just how much training they undergo before they’re fit to fight crime? Or what happens when they retire? And most importantly, do these professional pooches get time to play fetch? We chatted to the Colonel at Dubai Police’s K-9 unit, Arif Rashed, to find out all this and more…

K-9 police dogs serve and protect YOU!
“Our dogs are an integral part of crime fighting and crime investigation in Dubai. Some of our dogs are trained to safeguard the lives of the citizens and residences of Dubai and the UAE.”

The police dogs are just as important as the human members of the team
“As the Commander of the K-9 Unit I am attached to each and every dog used in service by Dubai Police and we see all our dogs as valuable “members” of the Dubai Police. This type of personal attachment I believe makes us all better able to deal with the psychological behaviour of our dogs and understanding their needs in a better way.”

There are more than eight police jobs a K-9 dog can be trained to do!
“Our fields range from SWAT dogs, riot dogs, patrol dogs, forensic investigation dogs, cadaver dogs, search & rescue dogs, drug detection dogs and explosives detection dogs. We are also developing a highly effective K-9 tactical combat casualty care course.”

Dubai police make sure their K-9 colleagues can handle the UAE heat
“We very carefully monitor our dogs and our vehicles are fully AC equipped for any emergencies and to cool the dogs down. In general, with plenty of water, air circulation and shade, most dogs will probably do well in warm temperatures up to about 32C.”

But K-9 dogs don’t sweat those dangerous situations (because they, er, don’t sweat!)
“Dogs do not sweat; they cool themselves primarily through panting. (But) if it gets hot and humid enough, no amount of panting will do the trick. Plus, self-cooling ability depends on the dog.” 

German Shepherd Kelle wears harness and lead by Ezydog.

The police pups get plenty of playtime with their humans
“Playing is an important bonding time between the handler and the dogs. We make a constant effort that our handlers and dogs interact by playing and walking together. This strengthens the bond that is vital for a K-9 and a K-9 handler to work effectively as a team.”

Dubai Police use the best K-9 training techniques in the world!
“All of our trainers have mandatory training that they must do, to qualify themselves as K-9 trainers. In addition, we also benchmark our methodology and in 2018 we hosted the regions first International Police K-9 Forum. By order of HE Major-General Abdullah Khalifa Al Marri, the Commander-in-Chief of Dubai Police, this forum will become an annual event; to make sure that Dubai Police is on the cutting edge of best police K-9 practices.”

Scared of dogs? Don’t worry, the K-9 dogs are Very Good Boys and Girls
“K-9’s are here as “members” of Dubai Police and are trained to be well mannered and people friendly.”

You can adopt a K-9 police dog when they retire
“Once a K9 is retired, its assigned handler will have the first option to adopt the dog. If the handler is unable to adopt the dog, the dog will be allowed to be adopted out to the public. We urge all members of the public to make contact with the Dubai Police K-9 Department to enquire about adopting our long service dogs.”

Plus, you can get involved with the K-9 squad
“The K-9 unit has launched the first K-9 Open Day in 2018 and it will be hosted by Dubai Police K-9 unit on 12 April 2019.”

The K9 Open Day with take place on 12th April 2019 and the new new K9 Department will be opening to the public twice a month. For adoption requests or interest, free dog training and dog tips please email  

Belgian Malinois Otto wears harness and lead by Ezydog.

Important bonding time between handler and dog, whilst Sam waits patiently for his next task.

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