Pet Carriers to suit your style!

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Pet Carriers to suit your style!

Whether you’re taking your pup home from a rescue centre, out with you or on holiday, there are numerous pet carriers you could choose. To make life easier for you we’ve matched some My Pooch and Co carriers with the kind of owners who might love them the most! And don’t forget to scroll to the bottom to read some top tips for picking the best carrier for you and your pooch!

For easy, no-fuss travel
Taking your dog to stay in kennels, with a friend or even for a trip overseas will you’ll need a carrier that will keep your pet safe and comfortable for extended periods, especially if they’re going to be travelling on a plane. The Petmate Sky Kennel is one of the top options out there -- it features ‘Live Animal’ labelling, 360 degree wire ventilation windows and a dual water/food bowl. Plus, it comes in sizes Small, Medium, Intermediate, Large, X-Large and Giant, and you can find a guide to the breeds that are best suited to each size here.

Also worth a look is the M-PETS Viaggio Carrier -- which comes in five sizes from X-Small to X-Large and in grey and red. Although it’s important to check with your airline before you travel, the Petmate Sky Kennel and M-PETS Viaggio Carrier both meet most requirements and are IATA approved


Plus, check out the Flamingo Aviation Carrier, which comes in Small, Medium, Large, X-Large and XX-Large.


For the style obsessed 
If you’re looking for a dog carrier that screams ‘chic’ and will complement your own fabulous outfits, check out the Bobby Sac Deauville. Even the name is ultra stylish! A rigid brown bowling style carrier, the Sac Deauville has front and back ventilation panels and features a removable faux fur cushion inside. Tres chic! With a recommended maximum weight of 8 kg and dimensions of 47cm x 30cm x 30cm, it’s better for breeds like Chihuahuas, Daschunds, King Charles Spaniels or smaller Terriers. Luckily, these (and all) dogs are also gorgeous!

For sporty pet parents and athleisure lovers
Whether you’re a regular at the gym or tennis court, or simply love rocking Athleisure, a sporty looking pet carrier could be perfect for you! The Bobby Superdog Bag is a foam carrier with a retro sport print and comes in two unisex shades -- red and camel. It’s the perfect size to take a small dog (maximum recommended weight 3kg) to a pooch-friendly beach (like Kite Beach Centre in Umm Al Quaim or Kite Beach in Abu Dhabi!) for a stroll together.

Or, for medium sized pups, try the Bobby Athletic Bag, which you may end up stealing for your own workouts! The contrasting bi-colour straps and gym-bag style make it perfect for a sporty dog owner, and the 5 kg maximum recommended weight means that you can squeeze some toys for your pooch in there too! Just remember to pack the leash if you’re walking in any of the UAE’s dog-friendly areas!

For city slickers
If you love taking in a new city but don’t want your furry friend to miss out, the Bobby City Bag is a cotton bowling-style bag is perfect for a stroll around through the streets with your beloved pooch. With a retro print similar to the Bobby Superdog bag and bi-colour nylon handles, this chic carrier comes in at a very manageable 45 cm x 20 cm x 28 cm. Plus, there’s a large ventilation window and opening at the front of the bag, which means your pup will be able to see the sights at the same time as you!

Like the Superdog bag, the City bag is designed for smaller dogs, and is perfect if you have a puppy who’s not quite ready for walking on a leash yet! If you’re planning to take your pup out in the UAE, make sure you check which areas are dog-friendly -- areas where dogs are not allowed to be taken or walked will be clearly signposted.

Simple Tips for making sure you pick the perfect carrier
- Measure the height and width of your dog – so they have plenty of room to move around!

- Make sure it’s the right carrier for the journey a lightweight carrier is great for shorter trips but you’ll need a sturdier carrier or crate for a long journey.

- Give them plenty of time to get used to the carrier before you travel you don’t want to freak them out on a journey!

- Check the regulations of your airline if you’re taking your dog on a flight – even if your carrier is IATA approved it’s best to be sure you are meeting all the airline’s requirements.

- Make it feel like home! Add your pooch’s toys and blankets, and even a kong or two for them to play with (as well as food and water for longer journeys of course!)

Note: All items are available to purchase from My Pooch & Co and can be directly added to your cart from the product links below. 




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