Holiday Gift Guide: Useful Presents for the Uber-Cool Canine

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Holiday Gift Guide: Useful Presents for the Uber-Cool Canine

We love festive-themed jumpers, toys, treats and hey what dog doesn't look good in a Santa hat, right? But just like us, dogs want to get a present that they can use all year long. 

Here's our round-up of cool gifts, that we're sure your pooch will enjoy year-round.

1. PETKIT Cool Bed:

Hey, cause whether you're a human or a dog, who doesn't love a good comfy bed? 

This bed is filled with high water molecules, which cools the body temperature and balances its heat effectively, creating a cool and comfortable sleeping environment for your dog - it's perfect for hot weather in UAE and wider GCC. 

Plus, its got uniform high-density memory foam throughout the bed and its water and cooling features help to relieve stress and create a peaceful sleep space.  Umm... can we get one of these bed for us? 

There are 2 sides to the bed that can be flipped for your dog's liking and there's a trendy leaf print. After all, would you get your dog anything that's not in fashion?

 2. PETKit Paw Cleaner & Massager 

A dog will be a dog and with that comes messy paws. Perfect to use after a walk on a rainy day, a sprint through the garden or for everyday paw upkeep.  More effective than wiping paws with a towel, the molded silicone brush helps to clean your dog's paw thoroughly and also helps to prevent the spread of bacteria in your home.

Safe and easy to use. Heck, you can use it every day if you want. Pawdicure anyone? 


 3. All For Paws Interactive Hyper Fetch Mini:

Sometimes there are just not enough hours in the day to play fetch with Fido, so this is the next best thing. Perfect to use in the garden, its the perfect accessory to entertain your dog (and maybe your kids too - but don't worry, we won't tell).


4. Outdoor Dog Tent: 

Just like you, your dog looks forward to the UAE winters too! Why? Because they can spend more time outside! Perfect to use as their napping space during trips to the desert or to use as a cool refuge if you head to the beach, your dog will love their own space. Plus, it can come inside during the warmer months and how cool will it be for your dog to have its own home? When he no longer wants to hang with you, he can just be like "Peace out! I'm going home, but I'll see you at 6 am for our walk." 

And there you have it... a round-up of holiday gifts the uber-cool canine can use all year round!  Please see below for product information. Ruffy Rowlidays!!!  


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