Everything I Know (and Love) About... Dogs: Chloe Lane @thethairishadventures

Everything I Know About Dogs, Interview -

Everything I Know (and Love) About... Dogs: Chloe Lane @thethairishadventures

A job that involves international travel, a beautiful life in Dubai and two adorable dogs -- for most of us it’s the dream, but for Instagram star and vlogger @thethairishadventures (https://www.instagram.com/thethairishadventures/), it’s real life!

Chloe Lane, the Dubai resident and Emirates Airline crew behind @thethairishadventures recently rescued Boomer a seven-month-old Saluki mix, and Bailey, a five-month-old Pug/Husky mix. The pups even have their own Instagram page, @boomer_and_bailey_(https://www.instagram.com/boomer_and_bailey_/).


We caught up with Chloe to find out what life is really like juggling travel, work and pooches and why she’s a dog person through and through...

The first-ever dog in my life was... Rex, who was a German Shepherd and Junior, who was a Golden Retriever. They both passed away from old age last year.

 My first memory of loving dogs is... when I was about five or six, there was a neighbour who had a massive German Shepherd and a Rottweiler and they were the most loving dogs ever. I always wanted to be around them.

I knew I was a dog person when… well that’s an easy question, haha! Dogs will eat your shoes and your furniture, but they will always love you till the end of time. The only time they will ever break your heart is when they leave this world.

My current dogs Boomer and Bailey came into my life when... I felt I was ready and settled here in Dubai. Boomer was brought home the day after my birthday and Bailey came along a month later.

 Boomer's personality is.... very submissive and quiet, easily jealous and quite protective over me.

 And Bailey is… full of cuddles and such a happy puppy. She loves playing around but also really loves to sleep!

 My favourite memory of life with Boomer and Bailey so far is… when I took them out to the desert for a walk the first week they were both here. The happiness and contentment on their faces is something I will never forget.

I work for an airline so I travel a lot for work, I manage this with having dogs by… getting a pet-sitter to look after them and walk them twice a day when I’m gone. She’s such an amazing person and the pups love her.

If you were to ask my friends how I feel about my dogs they would say… that I’m a crazy dog person and all I want to do is be with my dogs!

The challenges of having two dogs in Dubai are... the heat. Having to adjust your schedule to walk them during times it isn’t insanely hot outside! Also, most places and people aren’t dog-friendly so you need to learn as you go.

And the amazing benefits are… that I come home after a flight to see them and they are full of cuddles and so happy. I’ve made it my home and they make it even better.

I would love to take Boomer and Bailey with me to Italy or Switzerland because… they are two of my favorite places and they are incredibly dog-friendly -- which to me is an absolute must!

If my partner didn't like my dogs I would....well, if they didn’t like dogs, then they wouldn’t make it to partner status!

I believe in rescuing animals because… they deserve love and they deserve to know that not all of us are heartless humans. I would foster or adopt as many abandoned dogs as I could if I had the chance.

Boomer and Bailey make my life better because....they give me a routine for when I’m home and I think about their happiness over mine. In return, I get so many puppy cuddles and all the love from them. It’s a sacrifice at times, but it's 100% worth it.





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