Everything I know about.... Dogs 

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Everything I know about.... Dogs 

Having a busy life is par for the course for Dubai-based, Edwina Viel. Not only does she write and manage Seashells on The Palm, a blog for mothers that has previously won Stylist Arabia’s best parenting blog, she has four children, Luca, Sofia, Lorenzo and Leonardo, with her husband, surgeon Dr. Maurizio Viel.
Plus, the former banking investment manager is also mum to Whiskey the West Highland Terrier -- we chatted to the busy mum all about her gorgeous wet-nosed friend!

I first knew I was a dog person when....I was 7 years old, and my first dog Lucky died.

My current pooch Whiskey joined the family when...Sofia my daughter was born.  They are both 8-years old and born 3-weeks apart.

Being a working parent of four kids and having a dog too is....Hectic but fun.  I feel guilty that we can’t always spend all the time with him but there are so many of us in the family for him to get attention off.  The kids are now really love spending time with Whiskey, and they are now demanding a girlfriend for him!

Whiskey is an important part of the family because… He is so gentle, loving and patient.  He waits his turn for affection and is great with the kids. 

The best thing about having a dog in Dubai is....It completes our home. I couldn’t imagine a family without a dog but that’s how I grew up.

And the challenges are...that the summer weather is tough.  Whiskey also hates the sight of our luggage because he doesn’t like being left behind.

Living on The Palm with a dog is great because… in the past, he would hang out with us on the beach, and we would take him for a walk.  Now, the kids adore taking him out for walks on the roadside whilst they bike up and down!

When we travel... Luckily, someone is always home to take care of him. He is more settled that way, but he still cries if we leave him.

My favourite family memory of us all together is... walking on the beach or chasing him when he escapes.

The funniest thing Whiskey has ever done is...let Lorenzo, my third child, use him as a pillow whilst drinking his milk.

When I'm writing my blog Seashells on The Palm, you can find Whiskey...under my feet having a snooze.

My daughter Sofia gets on with Whiskey the best...she really has bonded with Whiskey this year.  She has learnt how to care and love him.

If there was one thing I could tell people about having a dog it would be...to respect the animal.  I feel many people buy dogs as an accessory in this region without realising the responsibility is as great as having a child.  If you cannot cope with the heavy schedule of a dog, don’t get one.  It’s not fair to the poor animal.

All photos supplied by the interviewee.

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