Easy ways to keep pets cool in the heat

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Easy ways to keep pets cool in the heat

Snuggling up to your cat or dog in cooler months is the ultimate comfort, but as the weather gets hotter, it’s important to know how to care for your pets so they aren’t uncomfortable. Below is a list of tips that will keep your pets healthy and happy while you’re topping up your tan!

Water, water and more water!
You know how you get more thirsty in summer? Well, your pet is no different. As well as providing a big bowl of cool water, there are other more imaginative ways you can make sure your pet is cool on the inside and the outside! The RSPCA and the Blue Cross have suggestions such as placing a few pieces of ice in drinking water, set up a paddling pool in the garden that your dog can splash about in (let’s be realistic, you’re probably not going to get your cat in there) or even taking them along for a swim with you at a dog-friendly beach. Try a damp towel indoors for your cat or other small pets to sit on!

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Walk right!
A W.A.L.K is a treat for most dogs, so make sure they can still get the most out of it in summer. The Blue Cross suggests taking walks early in the morning or late at night when it’s cooler. Don’t forget that if the ground is hot to touch, it’s going to be too hot for your pets paws – the RSPCA has a great guide for spotting if your pet’s paw have any heat damage.

No hot spots!
We all know that it’s not a good idea to leave pets in cars, but in the summer this risk rises for lots of other enclosed spaces. According to the RSPCA, we should avoid leaving animals in cars, conservatories, caravans or outbuildings. Temperatures can rise to a whopping 47 degrees celcius in no time at all, which could be fatal for your pet. Make sure you also have plenty of shady spots in the house that a cat can slink to when the temperatures rise!

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Don’t forget the little pets!
If you have smaller pets, such as hamsters, gerbils or rabbits, they too need to be monitored as the weather heats up – even if you keep them inside in an air conditioned environment! UK veterinary charity PDSA has a great guide for keeping smaller pets cool, including keeping them out of the sun, giving them fresh fruit and veg (like water rich celery) and providing them with a frozen bottle of water so they have a cool spot to rest.

Written by Jenny Haward

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