Dog food in the spotlight: Fish4Dogs

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Dog food in the spotlight: Fish4Dogs

We all know how important nutrition is for keeping our dogs well-fed, healthy and active. And if you, or someone you know, isn’t feeling 100% confident on the basics, the RSPCA has a simple guide to dog nutrition, or you can always speak to your vet. But with so many dog foods to choose from, we’ve decided to take a deep dive into an array of brands, from the ones you know and love, to less well-known or new brands that could be right for your dog. We’ll regularly feature brands and give you all the info you need to know to decide whether it’s right for your wet-nosed pal.

First up, we chatted to the folks at Fish4Dogs. Here’s what we found out… 

Fish4Dogs is an award-winning UK-based brand...
Fish4Dogs has, for over 12 years, championed the use of fish as the perfect protein choice for food and treats for dogs and cats. In 2017 Fish4Dogs won the UK-based Queen’s Award for Enterprise: International Trade. Based in rural Worcestershire in England, the company has grown quickly from a small start-up to employing 52 people and selling in over 34 countries.”

As the name suggests, they are passionate about fish as food for dogs!
“Fish not only has a taste dogs love, it is high in natural Omega 3, providing many benefits including support for coat, skin, joints and cognitive development.”

They offer everything from wet and dry food to mousse and Calamari ring treats!
“Fish4Dogs offers a comprehensive range of dog food; Finest Complete in three flavours and a puppy variety, Superior Weight Control Complete food as well as two varieties of complete wet food. As for complementary food, we have two flavours of Mousse and treats; six shapes of jerky, Sea Wraps, Sweet Ocean Wraps, Squid Bites, and Calamari Rings, as well as the popular Super Star training treats.  All are grain free and fish based.”

The brand uses quality products and can be great for dogs with intolerances!
“We only use premium quality fish in our complete food and our carbohydrate comes from potato/sweet potato and pea, so because our range is grain free and also free of meats (beef, chicken, lamb, and pork) our food and treats are more likely to be suitable for dogs with intolerances. Our treats are also all grain free and fish-based.”


Photo Credit: @Fish4Dogs

So which products are currently the most popular?
“Our Finest complete food is our most popular complete food and with a choice of 3 flavours, Salmon, White Fish, and Sardine, many owners find that they can satisfy their own desire for variety, without having to move their dogs to another brand. Finest is also available in a choice of kibble sizes and a specific recipe is available for puppies (White Fish). Our Sea Jerky is our best-selling treat product – with dogs loving the taste and crunch and owners loving the low calories and the naturally rough texture of these treats, which can help with the tartar on your dog’s teeth.”

Speaking of, Fish4Dogs have plenty of tasty treats on offer…
“Fish4Dogs treats are developed to be deliciously fishy in taste, but also offer variety and choice for the owners. (As mentioned) Sea Jerky offers a deliciously crunchy, low-calorie alternative to other popular dental treats, with Tiddlers starting at just three calories a treat. Fish4Dogs Sea Jerky is available in six different shapes, in order to suit all dog sizes. Also in the treats range are treats that combine the delicious taste of fish with other ingredients like sweet potato in our Sea Wraps and apple in our Sweet Ocean Wraps.”            

They are passionate about dogs… and often have 12 pooches in their office alone!
“Fish4Dogs is great for dogs firstly because we are, as a company, passionate about dogs and like nothing better than to see a dog enjoying their healthy, tasty food and treats. We only use fish as we believe it’s the perfect protein and we only launch products that our own dogs love -- and with over 12 dogs in the office on an average day, we have plenty of willing tasters”  

And no matter what kind of pooch you have, Fish4Dogs has something for them...
“Our food and treats are suitable for all sizes, breeds, and ages of dogs.”

Photo credit: @a_cavalier_called_summer

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