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Must-Have Accessories


What the dedicated dogs of fashion will be sporting this season

Photography by Juliet Dunne 


What's his best feature?
His long feather tail and stubby legs. Lucky is a Saluki X Dachshund mix, so his features are unique, but that's why I love him.
Last thing he got told off for? 
Digging up plants in the backyard earlier today. 
What are his favourite pastimes?
Sleeping and pushing his brother (another dog) out of the way for attention.
If he could shop for himself of the site, what do you think he'd buy? 
I think a lifetime supply of Dog Fest Beef Meat Sticks and Healthy Centres Roast Chicken Flavour Treats  
Does he have a secret hidden talent?
Does ripping up pillows count? Jumping through the garden like a bunny rabbit (I guess that is the Saluki in him) and the ability to sleep anywhere, anytime.

Lucky wears harness and lead


How did you decide on her name? 
When I adopted her, I changed her name from Polka to Poppy. She is sassy & gorgeous - Poppy just sprang to mind!
How spoilt is she from 1-10?
A solid 10! 
What would be the title of her autobiography?
Poppy Love
What makes her grumpy? 
Getting up before 8am, having a bath, cats (she’s jealous of any attention her sisters get) and being on a diet.
What's her idea of the perfect day?
Sleeping in til 9am (under the duvet) - regular meals & treats - minimum exercise - bit of fun at Daycare - a splash in the pool - sofa snoozes

Poppy wears harness and lead


 If he was on a dating app what three words would you use to sum him up? 
High-spirited, intelligent and loyal
Which celebrity is his spirit human (like spirit animal but for dogs)?
Jared Leto 
What’s his worst habit?
Describe his grooming routine - is he a paw-dicure pampered prince or more of a quick brush boy?  
Pampered Prince
What would he NEVER be seen wearing?

 Bruno wears Pawsitiv harness and collar (coming soon)

Gucci and Coco

 Who is the boss? 
Gucci the dad
With such fashionista names do they have their own accessories closet?
Yes, they have their branded coats and jackets for winter 
Who would paint their portrait? Andy Warhol pop-art style or more of a Michel Angelo classic?
Andy Warhol
If they had a theme song what would it be?  
"The Eye Of The Tiger"
How many names do you have for them and what are they?
Guch, Puch, Cookie, Monkey

 Gucci and Coco wear Pawsitiv harnesses (coming soon)


 If she was famous it would be for… 
Instagram influencer - famous for her cute snaps and culinary adventures.
What compliment does she receive most?
How beautiful she is and how loving and sweet she can be. 
How can you tell if she’s in a bad mood with you?
She will give me this really filthy look from the side and ignore me. She will also sleep in the opposite direction to me on the bed.
If she was in charge what changes do you think she’d make?  
We'd have 4 walkies a day minimum and treat time would be much more frequent. We would have to go and see the chickens on the other street every single day - four times a day - and the lead would be optional for this.
What three things do you love most about her?
1. Her zest for life - everything is very exciting and she loves absolutely every experience and interaction.
2. How caring and kind she is. Not only does she have a beautiful and expressive face but she has a beautiful soul. She will come running over to comfort you straight away when you're upset.
3. She has absolutely no pride or limits when it comes to begging for food, love or attention. She's a hustler and she knows it - a top dog!

Phoebe wears Bobby harness, lead and collar


 How did she get her name? 
Gucci was rescued from a puppy farm, and she was called gucci there, so the name wasn’t changed.
If she was an item of clothing what would she be? High-maintenance heels? A classic trench? Sequinned party dress?
High maintenance heels. 
What’s her biggest extravagance? (e.g chaise longue bed/organic food/new collars)
Huge soft beds.
Which famous person would play her in a film of her life (and why?)  
Julia Roberts, because they share the same jaw line.
What’s her most diva-ish habit? 
The way she tries to protect the house from every moving soul.

Gucci wears Pawsitiv harness and lead (coming soon)


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